The title says it all, really. I know I’ve often neglected to keep up on this blog, so it’s been a very pleasant surprise to be steadily gaining followers the past few months. I’m even more surprised at how diverse a group of people that have reached out to me. Everything from poets to professional journalists to a fellow bloggers with a staggering variety of interests. It’s all really quite humbling.

I don’t have any grand statement beyond that, other than I make this promise: I’m going to give this blog a lot more attention and effort for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Ya’ll have lit a bit of a spark in me, and I hope to repay you with new writing pieces at least semi-regularly.

Thanks again!

Around the turn of the first millennia, the medieval church was undergoing a process of internal reform (this isn’t the lesser known part). Widespread efforts were made to curb the trend towards material wealth and secular power by some elements within the church, and to restore the church to its original purpose of spreading the faith amongst the people.

Burchard of Worms, then the powerful bishop of that city (Worms is near modern Frankfurt), got involved in these reforms. He is credited with penning some of the major religious tracts of the era. …

Richman in an appearance on the prime-time soap opera Dynasty

Actor Peter Mark Richman passed away on January 21st of this year at age 93. A veteran of stage, screen and television, he was one of the most prolific character actors of his and several other generations. He was also someone I admired and take inspiration from as an example of life’s possibilities, and the things one can achieve through hard work and persistence.

Richman did not initially start off as an actor, though the desire probably was always there. He began his career in sports. …

Released in 1993 by independent Canadian film-maker Lodge Kerrigan, Clean, Shaven is a harrowing look at the bleak, confusing, and often painful world of a schizophrenic man named Peter (played by Peter Greene, perhaps best known as “Zed” from Pulp Fiction), mostly from his own perspective.

Clean, Shaven is an unconventional film in many ways. The plot itself is deliberately minimal. Peter is searching for his daughter Nicole. That’s it. We don’t know when or how they became separated, or where Peter has been (institutionalized? in prison?) for the past several years. He just appears at the start of the…

First in a series on basic, common-sense preparedness.

My Big Fat Greek Disclaimer: Everything in this article is based upon my own experiences as an amateur “prepper”, and trial and error with things that have worked and not worked for me. Also, nothing in this article should be construed as specific advice for dealing with the current pandemic. That’s a job for the CDC and other health organizations.

Prepping. It’s a term that has often brought with it certain negative connotations over the years. …

Subtitle: A Horror Film for Every Mood.

I love Halloween. Loved it as a kid, still love it as an adult. My trick-or-treating days are long gone, but I still enjoy a good scary flick on Halloween night.

Of course, not everyone agrees on what is scary (or good) when it comes to movies. And there are times when we want something different from the same old slasher flick. So, I came up with a (mostly) spoiler-free list of flicks I enjoy that range from the comedic to the truly disturbing. …

Another day, another journey into the land of “What in the HELL were the record companies thinking?”

I’m gonna hurl!

Why ease our way into things when we can start off this one? I tell ya, folks, nothing says “sexy time” better than a bunch of elderly lunch ladies slathered in curdled dairy product.

Maybe they should use the album for sex ed classes? Might make a hell of a dent in the teen pregnancy rate. God knows I’m not sure if I’ll ever get an erection again…

Okay, confession time I’m not generally a RomCom (romantic comedy) fan. In fact, I pretty much loathe them on general principles. Not because I’m a film snob (my favorite movie is Highlander, for cryin’ out loud), but because RomCom’s are almost inevitably the cinematic equivalent of a Hallmark Channel Christmas tv movie. Cookie-cutter plots, clichéd dialogue, absurd premises (yeah, you’re gonna find a street walker in Las Vegas that looks like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, sure thing), and that inevitable, syrupy ending where this magical force called “love” (or the Christmas spirit, if we’re still talking about Hallmark) somehow…

What in the HELL were these people thinking?

Okay, Okay, I know. “Worst Album Covers” is an overdone bit with most every blogger getting in on the action at some point. Guilty as charged. But hey, you get my scintillating insight and humor this time. All delivered with the deep respect and love I have for my readers. And, hey, it’s not like I’m charging you to read this, buttface.

Anyway, a quick shoutout to the folks across teh internets who did the hard work of find all of these album covers in the first place. …

Recalling a somewhat morbid childhood memory this evening. Today marks the 40th anniversary of what many consider to be the worst unsolved crime in my home town’s (Indianapolis) history — the Burger Chef Murders. It also marks what to this day I think of as maybe the scariest time in my childhood.

For those that weren’t around back then, or aren’t Indy natives, the short version of the story is: An entire shift crew, most of them teenagers, working the late shift at a Burger Chef on the west of Indy went missing that Friday evening. A few hundred dollars…

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