The title says it all, really. I know I’ve often neglected to keep up on this blog, so it’s been a very pleasant surprise to be steadily gaining followers the past few months. I’m even more surprised at how diverse a group of people that have reached out to me. Everything from poets to professional journalists to a fellow bloggers with a staggering variety of interests. It’s all really quite humbling.

I don’t have any grand statement beyond that, other than I make this promise: I’m going to give this blog a lot more attention and effort for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Ya’ll have lit a bit of a spark in me, and I hope to repay you with new writing pieces at least semi-regularly.

Thanks again!

Released in 1993 by independent Canadian film-maker Lodge Kerrigan, Clean, Shaven is a harrowing look at the bleak, confusing, and often painful world of a schizophrenic man named Peter (played by Peter Greene, perhaps best known as “Zed” from Pulp Fiction), mostly from his own perspective.

Clean, Shaven is an…

First in a series on basic, common-sense preparedness.

My Big Fat Greek Disclaimer: Everything in this article is based upon my own experiences as an amateur “prepper”, and trial and error with things that have worked and not worked for me. Also, nothing in this article should be construed as specific advice for dealing with the current pandemic…

Okay, confession time I’m not generally a RomCom (romantic comedy) fan. In fact, I pretty much loathe them on general principles. Not because I’m a film snob (my favorite movie is Highlander, for cryin’ out loud), but because RomCom’s are almost inevitably the cinematic equivalent of a Hallmark Channel Christmas…

Interestingly…Or Not

One aging Gen-X-er’s thoughts on life, humor, film, and whatever else tickles my fancy at the moment.

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